Why Does America Think Mom Is Worth Less Than Dad?

As the product of a workingsingle mother household, I cannot tell you how much this angers me. Over the 17years I lived at home growing up, Mom missed out on an additional $183,328? Youmean, with an extra $10K a year, I could’ve grown up middle-class and gone to sixth-grade sleep-away camp?! Share these facts so that this economic prejudiceagainst half our population stops now.

In 2010, the median male worker earned $47,715 while the median female worker earned a mere $36,931, or only 77.4% of male take-home pay a year. 

America no longer treats African-Americans as three-fifths of a human being; the least it could do is pay its working women like 100% of one.

This week, a Supreme Court ruling has acknowledged that, at least for the sake of federal criminal prosecutions, most of the eastern half of Oklahoma belongs to the Muscogee (Creek) Indian Tribe. The ruling enforces treaties made in the 19th century, despite objections from state and federal governments, and upholds the sovereignty of the Muscogee to prosecute crimes committed by tribe members within their own lands.

The U.S. government has a long and storied history of breaking treaties with Native American tribes, and Indigenous communities have suffered greatly because of those broken promises.

Stacy Leeds, a former Cherokee Nation Supreme Court justice and former special district court judge for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, described the ruling in an article on Slate:

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