Who Is 12 Times Funnier Than Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

During the biggest court case in the last decade, Justice Antonin Scalia managed to crack 25 zingers including a quip about how reading the entire 2,700 page law would be a violation of cruel and unusual punishment. Stoic as always, Justice Clarence Thomas kept his jokes to himself so it looks like he and Scalia are perfecting their Penn & Teller act. Bonus points: Go here for another recent study which found Scalia to be the biggest laugh-getter on the court.

Who Is 12 Times Funnier Than Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

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These 10 stories made us happy this week because they feature amazing creativity, generosity, and one super-cute fish.

1. Diver befriends a fish with the cutest smile

Hawaiian underwater photographer Yuki Nakano befriended a friendly porcupine fish and now they hang out regularly.

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