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Tyler G Hall

Unemployment Isn't The Only Thing To Decrease In The Last 4 Years

Sometimes an economic policy just plain works. Despite being hit by the largest economic recession in decades, America's homeless population has DECREASED since the crisis. This is almost entirely thanks to the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program created by the Obama administration in 2009.


What Do Kamikaze Pilots, Suicide Bombers, And Birth Control Have In Common?

This is a quote that I wish wasn't a quote. Many provisions of Obamacare were hotly debated by the Supreme Court but extended equal and fair coverage to women was not a point of controversy, until now. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) seems to think women receiving birth control from their employers is tantamount to 9/11. An elegant argument, Mr. Kelly.


Who Is 12 Times Funnier Than Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

During the biggest court case in the last decade, Justice Antonin Scalia managed to crack 25 zingers including a quip about how reading the entire 2,700 page law would be a violation of cruel and unusual punishment. Stoic as always, Justice Clarence Thomas kept his jokes to himself so it looks like he and Scalia are perfecting their Penn & Teller act. Bonus points: Go here for another recent study which found Scalia to be the biggest laugh-getter on the court.