When A Police Department Cheered A Twitter Milestone, They Clearly Weren't Expecting This Response

The Baltimore Police Department was like, "OMG! We reached 50,000 Twitter followers! Let's make a video!" So they did that. And I'm sure it was a lot of fun. But they have a pretty serious image problem, and the video wasn't enough to make people forget. A local newspaper made this video as a courteous reminder to deal with their issues.

Here's that video of the Baltimore Police Department's "Happy" moment. (Congrats on your 50,000th Twitter follower!)

I'm aware that not all cops are sadistic jerks. But when the people you're supposed to serve don't trust you — when they're afraid of you, even — that's a big problem that the department should fundamentally fix, not just glaze over with image ploys on social media. To be honest, the Baltimore P.D. should be thankful for the feedback.