What’s making this map of the U.S. break out like a nervous teenager?

Detaining immigrants in squalid conditions, without due process, has become a very profitable businesses in America. No wonder, as this map shows, the number of facilities and detainees in America has exploded in the last 20 years.

1981: Here's what it looks like before we start paying private companies per bed to jail immigrants.

1995: Fourteen years into the privatization experiment, and now there's 137 times more prisoners in the jails.

2011: Privatization has transformed America's landscape and entangled a record number of immigrants in the detention dragnet.

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These 10 stories made us happy this week because they feature amazing creativity, generosity, and one super-cute fish.

1. Diver befriends a fish with the cutest smile

Hawaiian underwater photographer Yuki Nakano befriended a friendly porcupine fish and now they hang out regularly.

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