What's it really like working for minimum wage all day? Let's hear from those actually living it.

I see comments every day on social media posts about minimum wage, and there's a lot of "she should do this" and "why doesn't he do that?" — lots of holier-than-thou attitude. Here's what it's like living it, and what folks are doing to change things.

Ebony Hughes, a home health aide and fast food worker, is struggling to survive despite working 16-hour days while raising a little girl.

This is reality for millions of people — our neighbors and friends, scattered all across the country, largely (but not necessarily) in urban areas.

But the scourge of low-paying jobs with no benefits is especially prevalent in lower-income communities and those inhabited by people of color. Which is why the movement that began after several killings of African-Americans by cops, known as Black Lives Matter, is beginning to see that raising the minimum wage is a civil rights issue, too.

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