What's it actually like in North Korea? A million times worse than you imagine.

The UN has called for an international tribunal to investigate and hold North Korea responsible for these crimes against humanity. The stories from these survivors paint a pretty compelling picture of why to do so.

A report from the United Nations details human rights atrocities taking place in North Korea. Though the North Korean government denies it, nearly 200,000 political prisoners are reportedly held in camps against their will and without trial, often for crimes they did not commit. In these camps, public executions and other horrific acts of torture are commonplace.

All of the people interviewed in the clip below have escaped from North Korea. Some were prison security guards, one was the personal body guard of Kim Jong II, and others were prisoners themselves. The stories they've brought with them across the border are harrowing, tragic, and nothing short of deeply upsetting.

Warning: The stories told in this video contain graphic descriptions of torture and punishment.