What Some Men Think About Being A Man

Sometimes society does its best to make us feel like we have to be a certain way even if we don't relate with what we are being told.

Our society is really good at pushing a pretty simplistic view of what it means to be a dude. Crying is a sign of weakness. Showing any signal that you are in any way sensitive or considerate of others feelings is a sign that you are an [INSERT RANDOM DEROGATORY WORD HERE]. If you get attacked, you should tough it out and not speak out. Present any signal that you'd prefer to hug it out rather than pick a fight, and somehow you are less of a man.

The reality, obviously, is much more complex than that. Dudes come in all different shapes, sizes, emotions, and colors. And we should try to be a little more open to considering what "manly" should really mean. I'm gonna go work out with my bros now.

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