What An Orangutan Says To This Little Girl Is A Message We All Need To Know About

I have to admit something: I LOVE orangutans. I have a picture of a baby one on my desktop right now. (So cute!) If I could have a conversation with an orangutan, I'd be in hog heaven. However, this particular conversation is way more important than it is cute.

Even though this isn't a real conversation, the message is true. Here is the important part at the end of the video:

"Orangutans can't speak for themselves, but if they could they would tell us that much of the palm oil used in America's snack food is being grown by cutting down rain forests that are orangutans only home. But we can stop it by telling brands that use palm oil there's a better way. We'll use our customer power to demand change, before it's too late. The power is in your palm."

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Devon Pasternak/YouTube

"The issue on the table..."

Two of Hamilton's most beloved numbers are the Cabinet Battles between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. In Cabinet Battle #1, the issue on the table was Hamilton's national financial plan. In Cabinet Battle #2, the issue was whether to provide France assistance in their revolutionary war.

But there was a third rap battle written for the show, which was cut due to time and because it didn't actually move the plot along. The issue on the table for Cabinet Battle #3? Slavery.

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