Tig Notaro had 4 of the worst months of her life and I can't stop laughing about it.

In a short four months comedian Tig Notaro got pneumonia, contracted a deadly bacterial infection, broke up with her girlfriend, lost her mom, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. A few days after her cancer diagnosis, she got on stage at Largo and delivered one of the bravest, most honest, and funniest stand-up sets you'll ever hear. Seriously.

Unfortunately the embeddable preview clip for Tig's set is no longer available. You can, however, still listen to it over at "This American Life."

In the meantime, if you'd like to get more of Tig's brilliant wisdom, check out the advice she gave to these three teenage girls.

via Lady A / Twitter and Whittlz / Flickr

In one of the most glaringly hypocritical moves in recent history, the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum is suing black blues singer Anita "Lady A" White, to use her stage name she's performed under for over three decades.

Lady Antebellum announced it had changed its name to Lady A on June 11 as part of its commitment to "examining our individual and collective impact and marking the necessary changes to practice antiracism."

Antebellum refers to an era in the American south before the civil war when black people were held as slaves.

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