This Guy Says We're All Faking Each Other Out, And That's Not Helping Anything. Let's Stop That.

The path to success sometimes seems like a straight line — eyes on the prize, no deviation. It turns out that most people who achieve big things spend a lot of time totally lost, but they're not about to tell you about it.Uri Alon splits his life between the lab, where everyone hides their failures, and the theater, where there's no place to hide. He challenged his fellow researchers to be honest about their struggles and transformed his lab in the process.You don't have to wait long for his road map to success. He hits it at about 5 minutes in. At 8:15, he'll give you a phrase that will disrupt every boring meeting you sit through. 11:30 is where we learn why scientists — and most "professionals" — feel like they need to hide their pain. (Hint: It has to do with "Star Trek.") And stick around for the sing-along at about 13:30.