So what are these rules for women he's talking about?

  1. Don't sleep around or else you're a slut.
  2. But don't turn men down because then you're a bitch.

  3. If you take a nude photo of yourself and someone else shares it without your permission, you can't get angry because you were basically asking for it to be shared.
  4. Especially if you're famous, because everyone knows when you're famous you sign a contract that means you have no right to privacy.
  5. If you want to feel safe in public, you have to dress a certain way. You know what that means.

  6. If you don't want to be harassed, just smile at men when they tell you to.
  7. But if you do get harassed, it's probably because you either did or didn't smile at him.
  8. If you didn't smile, you're a bitch and were asking to be harassed. You should've smiled.
  9. But if you do smile, it's an invitation for harassment continued conversation, why didn't you just ignore him?
  10. And, yes, all of this is still true even if you're just trying to get to work.

It's just so hard to keep all these rules in order!

In summary:

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