This Already Touched Me, But When The Tall Guy With The Deep Voice Spoke, I Had To Fight Back Tears

All parents wonder what their kids are thinking, but especially for adoptive parents — speaking from personal experience here — there's that one extra thing: You hope your child is OK with being yours.

This Already Touched Me, But When The Tall Guy With The Deep Voice Spoke, I Had To Fight Back Tears
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Adoption organization KidSave decided to get some answers to this question. (We shared a video explaining who KidSave is and what they do a while back.)

They invited some adoptive and biological families to a studio and asked the kids a big question.

What do you love about your parents?

At first the kids look a little confused. Then, quietly at first, come some achingly real answers. Some are touchingly childlike and simple.

Family after family.

And some of them are just ... wow.

The interviewer then asks the kids what life would be like without their parents. Whew.

It turns out the kids — especially the older ones — get it. They know just what their parents do for them.

And this little one. Aw.

When this tall guy speaks, his deep voice charged with emotion, he gets tears in his eyes, and so do I.

What a beautiful day.

The thing that makes a family isn't what it looks like.

It's love.

Here's the video they made. So sweet.

Makes you think about your parents, huh?


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