They show what's wrong with the way the world treats girls without even saying a word.

Sometimes we need a reminder of what women and girls have achieved so far — and sometimes we need a reminder that we've still got *a lot* of ass-kicking to do (figuratively, of course).

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Imagine a girl. OK.

Got it.

... Your little sister, your cousin, your friend, your neighbor, etc. Cool.

... A burden?

Wait. Huh?

Where is this going?

I don't like this.


She has nothing.

This is the worst.

Oof. Just like *she* was...

Of course it does. :(

I was afraid of that.

25,000 times every day? Holy sh*t.

1 in 7. Ugh.

I just flashed back to when I was 15. I can't imagine.

It's really not fair.

For most of us, it can be hard to relate to what life might be like if you were forced out of school and married off when you were young. But for way too many girls out there (we're talking MILLIONS), it's unfortunately the only life to know. BUT there *is* a way out:

  1. Of every international aid dollar spent, only 2 cents goes to girls. 2 cents! That's it! When there are 600 million girls in the developing world and one-quarter of them aren't in school, we should be investing and focusing more on them. Don't ya think?
  2. Women make 10% of the world's income and own only 1% of property. But if more girls are able to change tradition and refuse to be married, and stay in school and work instead, it would not only change their fate but the fate of their entire communities.
  3. Organizations like The Girl Effect and Malala's Movement stand up for the health and well-being of girls around the world and try to change #1 and #2 above. Sign their petitions to show you're all for it.

I took in all of these signs, and I came out feeling hopeful. See where you land:

This article originally appeared on November 11, 2015

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