Doug and Patricia Steele had been married for 12 years when they came to a crossroads.

Doug was attracted to men. He had known it for a while, but it was finally time to accept it. He was gay.

As parents of two daughters, the transition to life as a separated couple wouldn't be easy.

There was lots of new ground to explore. Doug was trying his hand at dating men for the first time in his life. Patricia was trying her hand at dating again, period. And in the midst of all this change, life for their kids kept moving at a whirlwind pace.

Through it all, Doug and Patricia were determined to communicate and work together to raise their girls the right way.

"We're co-parents, and we're on this journey together of this kind of crazy modern family," Doug said.

"We're not embarrassed about it," Patricia added. "And we love the family that we have."

See how Doug and Patricia are making their modern family work in this heartwarming video.