The Secret Benefits Of Gambling That The Feds Aren't Telling You

What taboo has been proven to make people more sociable and charitable and help fight Alzheimer's disease?

Although I am obviously biased as a poker player myself, watch what happens when an author, an anchor, and a former poker player discuss the benefits behind America's widely-practiced, yet legislatively taboo, pastime:

(0:49) Let's ask a bunch of random people if we should legalize gambling!

(1:18) Did you say gambling is a healthy choice?

(2:45) So they say gambling's immoral, huh?

(3:40) Watch this smart lady put gambling in context with other so-called societal ills.

(4:30) While we're banning addictive online stuff, what else can we ban?

(5:40) This is how not to legislate gambling.

(6:50) The U.S. government did a study on gamblers versus non-gamblers. Guess what they found?

(8:10) Professional sports leagues sue to save sports' integrity. I wish I were joking.

(9:08) Since social gambling is illegal in over half the United States, let's go interview some social gamblers!

(10:02) Just leave gamblers alone, (The) Man.

(10:40) If you've ever played the lottery, you might be a gambler.

(11:30) Do you want Uncle Sam in the gambling business?