That One Time When A Dating Site Took On An Anti-Gay-Marriage CEO — And Won!

Users of the Internet browser Mozilla Firefox who went to the OkCupid dating site on March 31, 2014, got this image, which not only clearly lays out why they did it, but suggests alternate browsers. Oh, the delicious burn...My wife and I met on another site (rhymes with "batch dot nom"), but if I were single, I'd sign up for OkCupid in a heart ... beat. SeewhatIdidthere?!

And no, we were not paid to promote this. It's such a wonderful way to use the Innerwebz for good, we just had to post it. Also, Mozilla posted a reply, which you can see at the bottom of this article on Huffington Post.

UPDATE: Due to all of the publicity over this, the Mozilla CEO has stepped down!