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life hack

via Nils Wagner/Unsplash and Tod Perry (used with permission)

A hack to clean those scratches on your wooden table.

Anyone who has dogs, children, or family members who refuse to use coasters will love this affordable and easy hack to fix scratches on a wooden table. Kait Schulhof, known as A Clean Bee, shows in a viral TikTok video that all you need are some walnuts and natural furniture polish to get your table looking scratch-free.

"Just scrub the walnut over any scratches, divots, or worn areas. As you scrub, oil is released from the walnut, which can eliminate the appearance of scratches in the wood,” Kait says in the video. To finish the job, she rubs the wood down with a simple homemade wood polish made from olive oil, distilled white vinegar and a citrus essential oil to give it a nice glossy shine.

The hack is not only clever but also a big win for the environment, using simple, natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. "Every time I do this, I am just amazed by the results. It's just one of those cleaning hacks that seriously works,” Kait says.

Did you know a walnut can repair scratches on wood surfaces? It’s like magic! 


TikTok · Kait

Katie McDonald at Food52 is also a big fan of the walnut-and-polish hack. But she cautions that there may be better ideas for some types of wood. “This trick only works on finished wood and is most successful with lighter scratches,” she writes. “Deep grooves and darker woods will likely need the help of floor polish. Oh, and you want to hold off on using nuts if you have a precious antique; that's better for a professional to look at.”