american idol

"American Idol" contestant brings judges to tears.

It seems like each week of "American Idol" brings all of the emotions. Watching the show from week to week means being prepared for laughs, tears, shock and sometimes frustration, and the most recent episode of the long-running hit show was no different.

Contestant Kaya Stewart, who is the daughter of Eurythmics singer Dave Stewart, was supposed to sing a duet with Fire, a single mom who was given a second chance at the show. Every chance to sing in front of the judges is a big deal to contestants because it's another chance to become a fan favorite and win over the judges to make it to another round. It's safe to say that the singers' nerves are often in a heightened state, and Stewart was feeling ill-prepared to sing her duet with Fire after getting sick.

Stewart's illness kept her from being able to learn her part in the duet, and when the time came to perform for the judges, she bowed out, leaving Fire standing on stage and holding back tears.

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