2020 election

The Problem With Jon Stewart/YouTube

Jon Stewart is back in the spotlight.

Jon Stewart stepped out of the spotlight to work on a cause he felt passionately about, getting adequate funding for veterans who got sick from burn pits while in combat zones. But last year he took to the desk again for his new show on Apple TV+, "The Problem With Jon Stewart," and this second season is shaping up to be doozy of musical chairs with a new politician in the hot seat every week.

Clips from the rapid-fire interviews are going viral, in part for his oxymoronic signature style of questioning but largely due to his excellent research and fact-checking. This episode with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is a prime example of his skill when inquiring about election fraud.

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via James Austin Johnson / Instagram

In two months, Donald Trump will be out of the White House but, at the last minute, it looks like we may have found the best, if not the most unusual, impression of him out there.

Stand-up comedian James Austin Johnson has been impersonating the president since he was elected, but it wasn't until recently he figured out the right approach. Trump is such an over-the-top character in real life that he's tough to spoof.

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It was a long, frustrating and eventful night for democracy in Michigan.

As the Trump campaign continues to attempt countless failed legal arguments nationally, another partisan effort was brutally rejected. However, this time it wasn't a judge who struck down another flagrant attempt to corrode the integrity of the electoral result - it was the people of Michigan.

On Tuesday night, staunchly Republican members of the Michigan electoral board refused to certify Detroit's election results — an absurd attempt to signal support for the President's increasingly unhinged and petty refusal to recognize Joe Biden as the President-Elect.

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via The Gregory Brothers / YouTube

YouTube comedy stars The Gregory Brothers are back with a hilarious song that's as funny as it is catchy. The comedy quartet took clips of some of Trump's most ardent supporters having total breakdowns over his loss and autotuned them into melodies.

The video features Trump's spiritual advisor Paula White speaking in tongues, Rudy Giuliani outside the Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Tucker Carlson, and televangelist Kenneth Copeland.

In the video, there's one lesser-known Trumper who deserves special attention, Bradley Knight. Knight is White's son and in the video, he says Americans will have to eat their "own dung" and drink their "own urine."

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