Someone Online Said This Is 'Feminist Crap' — So, Of Course, Now You Need To See Why They're Wrong

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, JR's art is a testament to that. He met with women around the world who have had painful pasts and who smile through tears, and he was compelled to honor their incredible dignity and strength. I love that by posting these images of the "invisible" members of society, he is keeping women in the consciousness of all those who pass by. Heads up: I started crying around 2:00, and you probably will too.

Here, let JR explain himself:
“We went to see women that have struggled in their life. That had a lot of trouble because life is hard. They all wanted to share their story. That their story travels. When you hear their story you’re like ‘whoa,’ maybe the person died inside. But then, when you ask her to do faces, then you can see life. And then, i say i’m going to paste the photo back in your city so everybody can see it, for you, and for the people here.”
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