She Wanted To Report The Truth, And Ended Up A War Correspondent In Her Own Country

Meet four incredibly tough women journalists in a town once called the "murder capital" of the world. They describe their work, and also why they keep doing it. Fair warning: The video contains very graphic footage of the aftermath of violence.

The scene is set starting at 3:10, when one journalist describes what happened when the military arrived to "help." The journalists interview residents about whether they think politicians can help stop the violence (the one at 19:39 is great), and highlight a very cool campaign they created (at 20:45) to get the attention of people in power. At 27:30 you'll get big goose bumps as one journalist gives a very creepy tour of things she found left behind by police at crime scenes. Underneath all the chaos, there’s an astounding commitment to — and faith in — the city. This is nicely summed up at the end, and further justified by this recent New York Times article, documenting the return of life in the streets.