What does it look like when someone is "ideal" looking?

I don't know that answer, but I'll let you decide what it means for you. For many she is "ideal." Her name is Gail Chovan. Gail is a mom, a wife, and a fashion designer. After listening to her talk, she's someone I'd totally like to get to know. She's confident, and she offers good advice through her lived experiences.

She's had some ups and downs and like many of us, and she feels vulnerable and sad at times.

And she finds strength in her family, and that makes her happy.

Gail recently lost her ovaries and both of her breasts.

Like many woman who've had mastectomies, Gail had to think about her "new ideal." She did not want to see her breasts go, but she is content inside of her body both with and without her breasts.

Gail's story may seem rare, but it's not. Hundreds of thousands of women have undergone the same process. In fact, post-mastectomy clothing is even growing into its own place in the fashion world.

What is ideal? Again, I don't know, but what I do know is every body is normal. Gail has some great quotes and thoughts about life, how we see ourselves, and each other. If you can't listen to her entire video, you can read the transcript below.

This article originally appeared on 09.06.17

Being married is like being half of a two-headed monster. It's impossible to avoid regular disagreements when you're bound to another person for the rest of your life. Even the perfect marriage (if there was such a thing) would have its daily frustrations. Funnily enough, most fights aren't caused by big decisions but the simple, day-to-day questions, such as "What do you want for dinner?"; "Are we free Friday night?"; and "What movie do you want to see?"

Here are some hilarious tweets that just about every married couple will understand.

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Photo by Jeff Burak on Unsplash

Most Americans associate Lady Liberty with welcoming immigrants, but that's not what she was meant to represent.

This article first appeared on 07.07.20.

If Americans were asked to describe the Statue of Liberty without looking at it, most of us could probably describe her long robe, the crown on her head, a lighted torch in her right hand and a tablet cradled in her left. Some might remember it's inscribed with the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

But there's a significant detail most of us would miss. It's a feature that points to why Lady Liberty was created and gifted to us in the first place. At her feet, where her robe drapes the ground, lay a broken shackle and chains—a symbol of the abolishment of slavery.

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Paul Rudd in 2016.

Passing around your yearbook to have it signed by friends, teachers and classmates is a fun rite of passage for kids in junior high and high school. But, according to KDVR, for Brody Ridder, a bullied sixth grader at The Academy of Charter Schools in Westminster, Colorado, it was just another day of putting up with rejection.

Poor Brody was only able to get four signatures in his yearbook, two from what appeared to be teachers and one from himself that said, “Hope you make some more friends."

Brody’s mom, Cassandra Ridder has been devastated by the bullying her son has faced over the past two years. "There [are] kids that have pushed him and called him names," she told The Washington Post. It has to be terrible to have your child be bullied and there is nothing you can do.

She posted about the incident on Facebook.

“My poor son. Doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better. 2 teachers and a total of 2 students wrote in his yearbook,” she posted on Facebook. “Despite Brody asking all kinds of kids to sign it. So Brody took it upon himself to write to himself. My heart is shattered. Teach your kids kindness.”

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