Read The Message An Author Wrote To Every Single Person Who Wronged Him

Authors Nico Lang and Zach Stafford set out to collect a group of stories revealing the voices, stories, and lives of gay, queer, and trans* men when they compiled (and contributed to) the anthology "Boys." Little did they know the books would be pretty inspiring before the stories even started.

For those who find the text in this image hard to read:

In their acknowledgements, most people thank those who have supported them along the way, the ones who fought for them and who were in their corner. Instead, I would like to thank the people who weren’t, the ones who showed me why I should fight.

To the kids in Middle School that threw my backpack in the garbage, who wouldn’t let me sit with them on the bus and who reminded me again and again that I was the biggest loser in school, thank you for not making it easy for me.

To the friends that laughed at me when you thought I wasn’t listening, thank you for helping me realize I deserved better.

To the teachers that made me feel different and weird, who reminded me that I didn’t fit in, thank you for helping me stand out.

To the boys that dumped me for not being enough, thank you for giving me something to write about.

To everyone who has ever told me I can’t or I couldn’t or I shouldn’t or I won’t ever or I’ll never amount to, thanks for giving me someone to prove wrong. — Nico Lang

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