Mommy, Why Did 1% Get 93% Of The Economic Recovery?

If you haven’t noticed, plutocrats (really, really rich guys) have hijacked the economy, bending everything from jobs to legislation to their will. If you want to know the how and why your and/or your neighbor’s house is in foreclosure, watch this video (or at least jump to the time stamps for the essential intel) — then spread the word.

(7:55)Host Bill Moyers asks, “Where does this vast inequality take America?”

(11:00)Journalist Matt Taibbi compares Americanow to post-Communist Russia.

(17:58)Both Matt and financial journalist Chrystia Freeland discuss the civil warwithin the 1%

(25:55)Do the super-rich feel entitled?

(31:45)Ah yes: discussion of the bailouts as required to save civilization.

(40:45)How does Obama relate to these plutocrats?

(44:10)Obama and the Democrats pose an existential question to the plutocrats thatmakes them very, very anxious.

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