Mitt Got 47% Problems But Your Vote Ain't One

Mitt Romney famously said that 47% of the people will never vote for him because they love not paying income taxes (a lot of them are poor, but whatever). Little does he know that this half-nation of "moochers" is his base. #facepalm

Mitt Got 47% Problems But Your Vote Ain't One
Via Pexels and Sean MacEntee / Flickr

Apple has taken a huge step towards protecting children by announcing its new plan to scan iPhone photos for images of child abuse. The company will use a "neural match" system to scan photographs and if anything looks suspicious, a human at Apple will be notified to review the images and contact the authorities if necessary.

According to Apple, the new system will "continuously scan photos that are stored on a US user's iPhone and have also been uploaded to its iCloud back-up system."

The system is designed to protect users' privacy by scanning photos without making private communications readable by the company.

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