People can't stop laughing at this video of Japanese zoo employees practicing a lion escape drill.

ライオン脱走に備え着ぐるみで訓練 開園中の想定は初 愛媛・とべ動物園

Japan's Tobe Zoo contains lions, as any zoo worth its salt should. But what if the lions escape? That scenario is what employees prepared for this week, resulting in a hilarious video that went viral. They couldn't let loose a *real* lion for obvious reasons, so they made do with someone in a lion suit. The ensuing action was - thank God - filmed and uploaded to the Internet. Guess 2019's not a total wash after all!

The photos alone are priceless, but I'll do you one better:

The clip quickly gained traction online, delighting people the world over. The zoo's actual lions, however, appear nonplussed.

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