I Wondered Where This Child Was Going, Then It Became Clear. He's Hungry.

Have you ever had to make these sorts of choices? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say probably not.

I Wondered Where This Child Was Going, Then It Became Clear. He's Hungry.

Too many children have to work much harder than they should need to in order to eat each day. Of this population, too many are unable to eat enough despite their hard work.

It's hard for someone like you or me to imagine what it must be like to go through life like that. To be sure, it's a major privilege that we don't have to. But that empathy gap is probably one reason why it's hard to marshal the resources or change to address child hunger. The video below does a great job showing us what it could be like to move through life as one of these children.

If you found this eye-opening, be sure to share it with your friends. The more people know what it's like, the better the chance we'll get together for a solution.

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1. How much does this sweet little boy adore his baby sister? So darn much.

Oh, to be loved with this much enthusiasm! The sheer adoration on his face. What a lucky little sister.

2. Teens raise thousands for their senior trip, then donate it to their community instead.

When it came time for Islesboro Central School's Class of 2021 to pick the destination for their senior class trip, the students began eyeing a trip to Greece or maybe even South Korea. But in the end, they decided to donate $5,000 they'd raised for the trip to help out their community members struggling in the wake of the pandemic instead.

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