"I Just Put On Hiking Boots. I Must Be Gay!" [VIDEO]

Oh, if only it were that easy to know. Hannah Hart (who you might know better as the star of YouTube's "My Drunk Kitchen,") talks about the process of coming out of the closet and how she knew she was gay. Spoiler alert: footwear had very little to do with it. Definitely watch the first minute and a half, but if you can't stick around for the whole thing, here are some highlights: At 2:12 she talks about how the environment she was raised in shaped her view of homosexuality.At 3:24 she explains why she always assumed she was straight. At 4:13 she talks about dating before coming out of the closet. At 5:14 she tries to put into words what it was like to realize she was gay.At 6:05 she explains how she fit being gay into her identity as a Christian.At 7:40 she talks about the gay community and how it wasn't quite what she expected.At 9:13 she talks about what being gay means to her today. 

Warning: Some NSFW language.