His web series cuts white people out of movies. Every video is under a minute.

Each episode of "Every Single Word" is under a minute, but the point is clear almost immediately.

It's hard to ignore Hollywood's diversity problem when you see just how little actors of color are featured in major movie roles.

"Every Single Word" is a brilliant new video series from actor Dylan Marron that shows just how often actors of color get a chance to actually speak in popular movies. Here are a few:

It takes a measly 30 seconds to breeze through the actors of color with speaking roles in "(500) Days of Summer." Total? Just four.

The episode dedicated to 2014's biblical action flick "Noah" clocks in at just 10 seconds. Total actors of color with speaking roles? None.

"American Hustle" faired a little better, coming in at just under a minute with five actors of color with speaking roles. But with all the shifty characters and racial stereotypes, it's not better by much.

"Into the Woods" has magic beans, giants, witches, and even talking animals! But as this eight-second episode shows ... no actors of color with speaking roles at all.

And "Black Swan" features just one speaking actor of color, with just 24 seconds of screen time.

Sad, right?

When the 2015 Oscars failed to nominate any actors of color, there were tons of think pieces and even song parodies calling out the academy for its oversight. Truth is, Hollywood's diversity problem isn't a new story, but "Every Single Word" addresses the issue in a scathingly brilliant way.

The moral of the story? Casting actors of color isn't enough. They need something to say.

Representation won't be solved by sprinkling actors of color throughout the background of film and TV. There's no reason why we can't see actors of color as superheroes, romantic leads, or mythical figures with magical powers. And while TV shows like "Orange Is the New Black," "Blackish," "Fresh Off the Boat," and "How to Get Away With Murder" have proven that people of color can bring in audiences, it's clear that Hollywood has some catching up to do.

Simply put, actors of color deserve more than a measly few lines and background roles. And until things start to change, "Every Single Word" will be right here, putting your favorite movies on blast.