His Bullies Used Sticks And Stones, So He Turned The Experience Into Beautiful Words To Teach Them

There's so much Amir Safi covers in this three minutes that I've been trying to articulate all of my life. It's really hard to succinctly explain some of the struggles one goes through in the American melting pot, but Amir ... he does one heck of a job.

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Back in 2017, when white supremacist Richard Spencer was socked in the face by someone wearing all black at Trump's inauguration, it launched an online debate, "Is it OK to punch a Nazi?"

The essential nature of the debate was whether it was acceptable for people to act violently towards someone with repugnant reviews, even if they were being peaceful. Some suggested people should confront them peacefully by engaging in a debate or at least make them feel uncomfortable being Nazi in public.

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