HILARIOUS: Multinational Oil Corporations Just Hate It When The Ice Doesn’t Melt Fast Enough

The Shell Corporation is not "Arctic Ready," and Greenpeace created this spoof to prove it. Check out this faux-public service announcement that demonstrates how Shell can clean up an oil spill in ... 10 seconds flat?

Shocking footage taken in Alpharetta, Georgia last Thursday shows a mother relaxing by a pool while her two sons play in the water. The scene quickly changes from fun to frightening when one son warns her about a tree about to fall on her.

"I was sitting at the pool relaxing and reading a book while watching my two sons swim, when I heard a tree cracking and then my son yelled 'Run mom!' so I bolted out of my chair right before a huge tree fell right on the chair I was sitting on," the mother said, according to Viral Hog.

"Our home security camera captured the whole thing!"

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