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Miguel Paredes


These 5 Men Survived A Nuclear Test So That One Day We All May Die

The United States blew up an atomic bomb over the Nevada desert in 1957, and these five "test dummies" lived to tell the story. Imagine if the U.S. were to drop Peace bombs instead of Atomic bombs?

Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!

The "School to Prison Pipeline" takes many black and Latino youth down a dark path to incarceration, and the figures at group homes are not much better. By mentoring a foster child, tutoring a student, or helping a young person, you can impact the life of one youth and an entire community.


Rodney King Is Dead But Police Brutality Is Alive And Kicking

The power structure continues to promote police reform in the inner cities, but brutality at the hands of cops has not led to any concrete improvements for black and brown people in the 20 years since the beating of Rodney King and the LA Riots. Who can protect us from the cops when Big Brother is watching? You can!


Giving Soap-On-A-Rope A Whole New Meaning

Conserve water and save lives: Turn off the faucet, recycle water, and use it sparingly, because water is life.