'Greatest Hits' tweets hilariously expose our preconceived ideas about jobs.

'Greatest Hits' tweets hilariously expose our preconceived ideas about jobs.

When we hear someone has a certain job, we make a series of assumptions about what life is like in that profession. However, more often than not, their jobs are less romantic than we think.

Here's a list of tweets that skewer the silly assumptions we make about people and the work they do.

1. Yes, I’m actually your doctor

[rebelmouse-image 19479891 dam="1" original_size="722x291" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

2. Have you started passing gas?

[rebelmouse-image 19479892 dam="1" original_size="742x299" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

3. It’s on the syllabus

[rebelmouse-image 19479893 dam="1" original_size="653x260" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

4. What made you think that was an emergency?


5. YouTube does not make it true

[rebelmouse-image 19479895 dam="1" original_size="752x298" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

6. Seriously, not an emergency

[rebelmouse-image 19479896 dam="1" original_size="753x304" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

7. What does your company actually do?

[rebelmouse-image 19479897 dam="1" original_size="756x305" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

8. I’ve clearly failed as a mother

[rebelmouse-image 19479898 dam="1" original_size="739x285" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

9. How did this ever work?

[rebelmouse-image 19479899 dam="1" original_size="701x444" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

10. Dating is wild

[rebelmouse-image 19479900 dam="1" original_size="748x318" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

11. I don’t care what Dr. Oz said

[rebelmouse-image 19479901 dam="1" original_size="743x260" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

12. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills

[rebelmouse-image 19479902 dam="1" original_size="741x279" caption="via Twitter" expand=1]via Twitter

This article was originally published by our partners at Humans of Tumblr and was written by Melinda Sineriz.

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