Geraldo Rivera surprises Fox News by destroying anti-gun control arguments.

I'm not a huge Geraldo fan, but when he does something awesome like this, I feel obligated to share it. Watch as he uses some real journalistic ability to dismantle the flimsy arguments against gun control, assault weapon semantics, and bogus statistics.

  • 0:31 Geraldo calls out the automatic vs. semiautomatic nitpicking.
  • 1:14 We see a classic slippery-slope argument about semiautomatic rifles.
  • 2:18 Geraldo sidesteps the traditional "movies and video games" switcheroo.
  • 3:30 Fox anchors show two clips of Obama and Biden promising not to take anyone's guns, and Geraldo isn't having any of it.
  • 4:52 Geraldo calls for a scientific study and (5:40) crushes a flimsy anecdotal argument against gun control.
  • 6:23 Geraldo asks a question that none of the anchors can answer and Fox ends the discussion.
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