Things don't always get better with age. Here are 8 things that absolutely lose their appeal.

Anything that requires standing in a line is off the table now.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

8 things that lose their appeal as you age.

Some things simply just start to suck the older you get. I'm not sure if there's a reason for it other than leaving your house for anything starts to feel like an extreme inconvenience. Something about aging and interacting with the public just doesn't mix and people on Reddit have just about had it with things that seem to get worse with age.

When you're a kid all you can think about is all of the things you'll get to be able to do when you're an adult but I swear it's a scam. Sure, you can stay out until the sun comes up, but after you hit your mid-30s, you're just as likely to be snuggled up in pajamas and ready for bed by 8:30 p.m.

Reddit users seem to agree that once you reach a certain age, things become annoying for no real reason. It does give you insight into the grumpy old man trope that has been inundating our television screens since there were screens to inundate.

One user is likely my long-lost twin because their No. 1 complaint is, "Shopping. for anything... including groceries. Shopping used to be fun. Now it is a chore." All I can say is, same. There's absolutely nothing fun or exciting about shopping anymore and it's a pretty good guess that places like Walmart surveyed some irritated millennials before rolling out grocery pickup, which has conveniently graduated into grocery delivery.

Here are the top eight things people just aren't thrilled about anymore, in no particular order.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

Woman in a crowd holding an open umbrella in the rain


1. Lines

We just don't want to do them anymore and there honestly doesn't seem to be a good reason to stand behind strangers for who knows how long. Unless the line is for handing out a bundle of crisp hundred-dollar bills or giving out free trips to a deserted tropical island, standing in line seems like a waste of time to a lot of people in the comments.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

Concert with people holding cell phones recording while fireworks explode in the background


2. Loud places

This seems self-explanatory. Something about getting older makes you want to stay away from loud noises, especially if they're unnecessary. Sure, the occasional concert will be the exception, but that's because you've mentally prepared for the excess noise from the moment you thought about purchasing the tickets.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

A brunette woman with long hair and a blonde woman with short hair undressed in bed together wrapped in a sheet


3. Sex scenes

There was once a time where sex scenes were embarrassing. Once puberty hit, they became embarrassing but interesting. As an adult, you're mostly just wanting the main characters to hook up so they can get it out of the way and move the story along.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

Man sleeping on desk with laptop, coffee cellphone and planner


4. Overscheduling

For some reason, teenagers and young adults schedule themselves down to the last millisecond of the day. If there's an hour of nothing, they will fit something in that spot. But once you get older, you're doing great to leave the house for work every day.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

A teenage boy's lower torso on a skateboard wearing navy blue high top Converse


5. Darn teenagers

Ha! Some of us have really turned into Mr. Wilson from "Dennis the Menace," yelling at kids to get off the lawn. To be fair, Dennis was a pretty awful child that had an affinity for harassing his middle-aged neighbor. But for some commenters, teenagers doing loud teenage things are enough to make them huff fog onto their window while staring through the blinds.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

A man laying in bed rubbing his face with one eye looking at the camera


6. Staying out late

There's no place like home and staying out late reminds you of just how comfortable your house is. I mean, it has all of the important things, like comfy clothes, a couch that has a perfect butt imprint from years of Netflix marathons and exactly zero other people that live there.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

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7. Dating

It seems that dating is just as awful today as it was 10 years ago, except now you're a decade older with less patience and far less will to put on real pants. Everyone is swipe happy and there doesn't seem to be a standard way to say "not interested" that doesn't involve disappearing on someone you once spent time with.

Ask Reddit; aging; worse with age

A martini glass with a green olive at the bottom, toothpick sticking out of the top and a bottle of liquor in the background


8. Alcohol

Drinking in excess loses its appeal for many of us after a certain age. It takes much longer to recover from an evening at the local pub and if you don't hydrate properly before drinking more than two glasses of wine, you could be nursing a hangover for three days.

The list of things that actually don't get better with age seems to be endless, with more than 24,000 comments on the question. It makes you wonder: If we knew then what we know now, would we still been in such a rush to grow up? I think not.

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