First I Thought It Was A Fake Movie Promo. Then I Got Chills When I Saw It Was Real.

Millions of girls don't make it to school everyday, and it's not because they don't want to go.

It's the opposite actually.

Millions of girls aren't going to school because they're being turned away.

Why? Simply because they're girls.

Wait — what?

This isn't a cruel joke or even a fictional film. It's a true account of what some girls have to endure everyday, just to sit side by side with their male counterparts in school.

A documentary called "Girl Rising" highlights the true stories of nine young women around the world who are on a quest to learn. They're young, they're brave, and a lot of them are risking their lives.

If that sounds as incredible to you as it does to me, you'll understand why I'm tearing up at the end of this clip.

"If you stop me, there will be other girls that rise up and take my place." — From "Girl Rising"

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