Everyone Who Whines About Tax Dollars Going To NASA Should See This

I went to space camp and even I didn't know that space exploration was this great for the world.

But here are four more ways space tech is making the world better.

1. The DNA Medical Institute invented a device that instantly analyzes an astronaut's blood.

It's expected to be used in rural areas where access to hospitals and labs is difficult. It's basically a tricorder.

2. Nissan is using NASA ergonomics standards its cars.

NASA's research on neutral body posture has been incorporated in the 2013 Altima. So if you drive a Nissan, you're basically an astronaut.

3. A solar-powered refrigerator was created by a former NASA engineer.

It'll be used to keep vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medical supplies safe in rural or remote areas. Bring it, natural disasters (actually, don't please).

4. Southwest Airlines is using a NASA data-mining algorithm to make its flights safer.

The algorithm is perfect for finding irregular flight data. Nothing to see here, though.

So clearly we should listen to Buzz Aldrin's T-shirt.