Texas restaurant's signs have people around the country chuckling

I don't know about you, but humor is about the only thing keeping me from curling up in the fetal position and wailing these days. The fact that people can be so darned witty, even in the midst of a global pandemic, brings me great delight and hope that not all is lost.

One restaurant in Texas has its finger on the pulse of quippy one liners. El Arroyo, which serves up Tex-Mex in Austin, posts constantly changing sayings on their sign, and they're simply chuckle-worthy. The restaurant's sign is so popular it even has its own dedicated Instagram account.

Some of the sayings undoubtedly come from memes floating around the interwebs. Others are sent in by fans. I can only assume some are the brainchild of some creative mind filling tacos in the back. Who knows.

But check some of their out their signs, shared by Heidi Kleyn on Facebook:

In recent weeks, El Arroyo has hopped on the pandemic humor train, and they have not disappointed.

Thanks for the laughs, El Arroyo!

Veteran Chicago radio personality "Ramblin' Ray" Stevens was driving in his car two weeks ago when he passed Braxton Mayes, 20, several times.

"I was on my way home from work Friday and saw a young man walking down Kirk Road," Stevens later recalled. "I dropped my friend off at the studio I work out of and headed home. This young man was still walking. So I drove around the block and asked him if he needed a ride."

"In our town, we help people out," Stevens said.

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