D’ya Ever Think These Guys Are Just Doing It For The Attention?

When women and girls cosplay at Comic Con, a lot of people assume they’re just dressing up for attention and feel the need to make them prove that they’re “real” geeks. (You know, because women never do anything unless it’s for the attention of men.) So one intrepid reporter went to Comic Con and flipped the script on a bunch of scantily clad male cosplayers. If the amount of skin shown directly correlates to how much geek cred you have, then these guys have a LOT of explaining to do.

Can we put the “fake geek girl” myth to rest now? My fellow geek girls (and women!) would really appreciate it. And if you agree that it’s time to end the geek-on-geek hate, you might want to share this video. It’s up to you though.