Discover The Game That Will Hijack Your iPhone — And Your Soul

There is thisirresistible mobile game in development that takes on the serious problem ofthe homeless by putting you in theirshoes: work on your begging techniques, collect bottles for income, even play(guitar) for your supper. Lest you think it’s all glamorous, experiencesleeping outside in all kinds of weather, avoid getting robbed or Maced, andbattle your varying levels of hygiene. Whether or not these plucky, socially forwardgame developers meet their funding goal, iBeg could usher in more games as socialmagnets for substantive change. About time there’s an app for that.

Discover The Game That Will Hijack Your iPhone — And Your Soul

How long would you last out on the mean streets of Vancouver? 


KFOR Weather Woman Emily Sutton got props from a local Mexican restaurant that was so smitten with her responses to an angry viewer that they offered her free food and margaritas for life.

If you spend enough time on social media, you quickly learn everybody has got an opinion on everything. And most people aren't afraid to voice said opinions, even if they aren't very good.

Of course one could argue there's no such thing as a "good" opinion or a "right" or "wrong" one. I'd argue that if you've got an opinion on something, it should be based on some type of evidence or logic. Perfect example: if you're trying to tell me that Ross from Friends isn't a psychopath, then you clearly haven't seen this video or heard the show without a laugh track.

And if you need an even clearer example of a bad opinion, I offer up Richard Weathers for consideration. He got on local reporter Emily Sutton's case after seeing she delivered a weather broadcast that employed the use of a Spanish translator.

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