Did he just say 6 million kids dying and poor countries disappearing are good things? Hear him out.

The world is changing. For many poorer countries, the change is actually for the better. And no, that doesn't have to mean that the "rich" countries become poor trying to help them out.

Watch John Green break down three of the big myths about poverty, and feel your hope for our global economic future grow.

Ready for the weekend? Of course, you are. Here's our weekly dose of good vibes to help you shed the stresses of the workweek and put yourself in a great frame of mind.

These 10 stories made us happy this week because they feature amazing creativity, generosity, and one super-cute fish.

1. Diver befriends a fish with the cutest smile

Hawaiian underwater photographer Yuki Nakano befriended a friendly porcupine fish and now they hang out regularly.

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