Could You Live On A Budget Of Just $30 A Week For Food?

SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which you might better know as food stamps. The SNAP Challenge is when someone lives on a SNAP budget for one week to get a better understanding and appreciation for what life is like for the 46 million Americans who depend on SNAP to feed their families. Newark mayor and all around awesome person Cory Booker recently participated in the SNAP Challenge, and with just $30 to pay for an entire week's worth of meals, here's what he learned: 

Could You Live On A Budget Of Just $30 A Week For Food?

How the #SNAPChallenge works:

What Mayor Booker wanted to get out it:

Day 1: Realizing that not every store accepts SNAP dollars.

Day 3: Worried about how long his food supplies will last.

Day 4: Really, really missing his coffee.

Some #SNAPChallenge Facts:

Meanwhile, on Fox News...

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