Can't Believe I'm Asking This, But Wanna See A Governor Get All Emotional And Protect Equal Rights?

This is pretty emotional, but you need to know the dry part for context. Or you can just play the video now, knowing it gets good at 30s.So the Colorado Republicans decided to mess with gay people. Gov. John Hickenlooper said, "Not so fast."The state Republican House members filibustered the legislative session until time ran out for the year to prevent civil unions from being debated. 30 different bills involving water, crime, justice, health, etc., were tabled, affecting Coloradans across the state, so that the GOP could stop a DEBATE about marriage equality. In response, the governor, who was one of the biggest restaurateurs in Denver prior to becoming mayor of Denver, then governor, let his emotions get the best of him as he announced a special legislative session to help get those 30 bills passed, and to address the injustice of trying to stop marriage equality, which impacts many of the people who worked in his establishments every day.Starting at 30s in it gets pretty emotional. Watch. (You don't have to watch the whole thing.)

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