Black men tell you all about dating outside of their race.

"And I was like, you think that's a compliment?"

Dating is the worst.

You're at your most vulnerable, sensitive, and defensive. You're equal parts brutal and fragile. It's crazy-making.

Now let's add a whole other dimension.

Say you're out at a bar, having a great time. Then someone comes up to you. This person is very attractive and is way, way into you. You start hitting it off, making jokes. One thing leads to another. The person leans in and says: "I'm not usually into your type, but you're different than the rest."

Sounds pretty odd, right? It's like that person is saying, "Usually I think people like you are hideous, but somehow you've proved me wrong."

They might have meant it as a compliment, but isn't it really a hint of something very troubling?

The guys in this video give some eye-opening explainers on how it feels to receive that kind of comment (and much, much more):

Have you ever experienced one of these "insults in disguise" while dating? Share your story! Who knows ... it might just make dating the not-worst.

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