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At Age 16, He Got His Girlfriend Pregnant. Listen To His Diary Of The Experience.

Let's just all say it together: teen pregnancy. Now take a deep breath. Let go of statistics about dropout rates, theories about patterns, fights about political policies. Now take another deep breath, press play, and meet Marvin Ramos and his family. There's real hard stuff about becoming a dad (1:20), an intense confrontation with his own dad (5:00), and his girlfriend's brutally honest memories and fears about family (starting at 8:00).

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"The issue on the table..."

Two of Hamilton's most beloved numbers are the Cabinet Battles between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. In Cabinet Battle #1, the issue on the table was Hamilton's national financial plan. In Cabinet Battle #2, the issue was whether to provide France assistance in their revolutionary war.

But there was a third rap battle written for the show, which was cut due to time and because it didn't actually move the plot along. The issue on the table for Cabinet Battle #3? Slavery.

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