An Anti-Muslim Video That’s Totally Worth Watching

It should be enough when Muslims explain (for the millionth time) that Islam is a religion of peace. It should end the conversation when you point out the simple logic that a handful of extremists shouldn’t characterize the views, actions, and beliefs of more than a billion faithful people. It should help. But it doesn’t. So comedian Hasan Minhaj has invented this great product to help.

via LeapsMag / Instagram

Researchers at the University of Houston have developed a filtration system that can instantly neutralize and kill 99.8% of the coronavirus after a single pass through.

"It's basically a high-performance COVID-19 killer," Dr. Garrett Peel of Medistar, who helped craft the design, said according to Fox News.

The filter looks to be an important tool in fighting a virus that can remain in the air for hours and, in turn, spread more readily than viruses like the common flu. Harvard Health says that aerosolized coronavirus can remain in the air for up to three hours.

People who are asymptomatic can easily spread it to multiple people when they talk, breathe, cough, or sneeze.

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