All It Took Was 3 Words On Twitter To Destroy The Notion Of Catcalling Being Friendly

So we're all supposed to believe that catcalling is just an honest attempt at being friendly? Then why do guys never say those kinds of things to other guys? That very question led to #DudesGreetingDudes, the hashtag that's pure hilarity and truthful catharsis. Some of my favorites are below. Read them, and remember — smile! You're so much prettier/more handsome when you smile.

Once more for good measure, here's what the point of the hashtag is:

This one nicely illustrates the "you must have wanted my attention" trope.

This one adds a bit of the Nunya Business flair.

The "I think there's a magic number of times to call you out when you'll finally welcome me with open arms."

And this one features the age-old "You were lucky to be getting some of my attention" sour grapes approach.

And don't forget to go out into the world and give as good as you get.