A Song Was Written Over 40 Years Ago, But I Bet All Moms Can Still Relate To This Kind Of Judgment

The town of Harper Valley thought they could tell a single mother how to dress and how to raise her child. This song is what she said back. I always get choked up at the ending.

This song was written in 1968. It's still so relevant today, which is cray.

Why are we so obsessed with judging women, and in this case, MOMS*?!

(*Could sub in "parent" for "moms," and it'd be JUST as relevant. Love to the non-mom parents, too. <3)

I actually delight in how relevant this song is. So let's go through the relevance, nay the GREATNESS, that is the song, "HARPER VALLEY PTA."

It's about how moms get judged on so many things.

1. What they wear

Heaven forbid she be a mom and also wear a miniskirt.

2. What they do

3. Who they talk to

Around? It's bad to run around?

4. How they just go about raising their child

x infinity.

Is there anything you WON'T be doing wrong as a mother according to someone? Does that drive you insane, whether you're a mom or a non-mom? It drives *me* a lil' bit nuts, I can tell you that.

So what *should* moms be judged on?

If they love their kids enough to stick up for them ... and stick up for themselves.

Pretty much every mom I know passes this test. Including the mom in this story.

OOOooo, she called them out.

So sock it to 'em, Mom!

You're doin' it right. :)

I *ALWAYS* get choked up at the end. The mom's just so fierce and moms are so great and I love my mom and ... #emotions.

This one's for every mom doing it right.

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