A Really Simple Graphic That Slays One Of The Silliest Arguments About The Minimum Wage

I've heard a ton of them, believe me. But one of the silliest?


My father-in-law echoed it recently, as have several people who comment on my page: "If those people aren't happy with minimum wage, they need to go to school and make themselves better! Pull up them bootstraps! Blah de blah blah!"

Welp, guess what? Many people who are working minimum-wage jobs have a degree. What's the next argument? "Y'all should just get a Ph.D. if you don't wanna work for minimum wage!" The fact is, some of these folks have borrowed boatloads of money to get their degree, and now that they have to start paying it back, they're earning poverty wages.

Oh, and also ... that 23% figure? It's real. So ummm ... whatcha think, time for a raise?